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The Healthy Home: Cleaning Co

The Healthy Home (THH) is a trusted cleaning and disinfection company in the UAE. Since they only offer high-end cleaning and sanitizing solutions that are eco-friendly, child-friendly, and pet-friendly, with medical-grade UV sanitation and exceptional customer service their services are priced much higher than the market average.

Although they had been running campaigns, they were not able to generate quality leads which converted. To help their business grow, they approached HOP to help them with their digital marketing. The campaign objectives were not only to increase the number of leads within the same budget but also to improve the conversion rate from 4.5% to 7.5% and bring the cost-per-lead down exponentially from $115 to $27.

Our extremely localized strategy focusing on geo-targeting enabled us to over-achieve the campaign lead target by 160% with 321 quality leads. We also improved the conversion rate from 4.5% to 10% – the campaign target was 7.5%. Finally, we also lowered the cost-per-lead more than the original objective of $27 per lead by bringing down the cost from a whopping $115 to $16.34!

The best part? The total revenue for the client from this campaign was double their business objective!


This is the story of a price war!

In the UAE, nearly all 2 million households regularly use air conditioning, especially in summers. This has led to the growth of companies offering AC and duct cleaning services which are easily and cheaply available.

The Healthy Home (THH), one of the top cleaning and disinfection companies came to us for help with their digital marketing since they were struggling to get the business they needed as their services are expensive.


  • A decline in the number of leads generated from their current digital campaigns.
  • The quality of leads generated was poor.


  • Increase the number of leads generated from 80 leads to at least 120 leads for the campaign period.
  • Reach the right audience and generate quality leads to improve the conversion rate from 4.5% to 7.5%.
  • Bring down the cost per lead from $115 to below $27.

Our Solution

We strategically implemented keywords to ensure we did not advertise to people interested in low-ticket services. Along with this, we added a geo-fencing filter to our ads to affluent areas in UAE only. Finally, we developed the landing pages to dynamically change the content based on the search term and keywords.


We filtered out the keywords to a highly relevant set with Broad Match Modifier & Phrase Match types. The negative keyword list was updated as well so that we wouldn’t advertise to keywords associated with low ticket inquiries.


We used geo-targeting to target consumers in the more affluent areas across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Based on past data, pin-level targeting was implemented for locations where the majority of our past customers were present, along with locations with high disposable income.


The landing page was optimized against each keyword with dynamic parameters passed through the URL to change the content on the landing pages accordingly. This led to a better synergy between the keyword-ad copy and landing page improving deliverability of the campaign on Google as well as dropping our cost per click.

Initially, the landing page only had a lead generation form that allowed users to send their details.

We optimized them by adding options to easily get in touch via phone calls and WhatsApp Messaging. This simple, creative addition ensured we were able to cater to the changing user behaviour (wanting instant gratification, the comfort of using messaging apps) and a smoother path to conversion.



  • We overachieved the campaign objective of 120 leads with 321 quality leads!
  • Increased in conversion rate from 4.5% to 10% – campaign target was 7.5%.
  • Massive reduction of cost-per-lead from $115 to $16.34 – the original target was leads at $27 each.
  • Halved the average cost-per-click from $3.8 to $1.9.

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