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Developer of the pioneering SmartVista e-payments platform, BPC is a global leader in payments solutions. With over 280 customers across 95 countries, BPC caters to all ecosystem players, ranging from tier-one banks, neo banks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs), large processors, eCommerce giants, start-up merchants, government bodies, and local hail riding companies.

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“Home of Performance helped us rank higher for important fintech keywords in addition to launching some digital campaigns which over time improved in quality and led to conversion as deals. We can only recommend their services to industry peers.”

– Nadia Benaissa

Global Marketing Director



Based on our audit, we found out that the drop in organic traffic was caused by the duplication of content and cross-indexing of multiple versions of the website. All the service-related keywords were not ranking at the top of the SERPs and a detailed SERP analysis showed that this was true for transactional and navigational keywords as well.

The objective was –

  • to enhance BPC’s visibility in organic SERP results
  • to increase the overall organic traffic to the BPC website by at least 5% within the quarter and maintain a healthy site score of more than 80%
  • to ensure top rankings for priority keywords and supersede competition in origin rankings
  • to ensure the impending migration of the website did not affect the existing traffic flow


Based on our initial audit, the first step was to overcome the main issues on the BPC website that posed an obstacle to improving the website’s organic growth. Once the main issues like multiple indexing, content duplication, and other website improvement issues had been sorted, we laid a strong foundation for long-term SEO success by implementing various On-Page, Off-page, and rich and valuable content strategies.

In the available time frame, we implemented the following measures –

  • Resolved the multiple indexing issues present
  • Identified and resolved the duplicated content on the website
  • Positioned the top-priority keywords at the top of the search results
  • Increased the overall website traffic and positioned the brand at the top with its competitors
  • Increased the website’s DA score by generating high-quality backlinks
  • Improved the core web vitals to enhance the user experience and strengthen SEO


We exceeded set expectations and over-achieved every objective set at the start of the project.

Here is an overview –

  • Rise of 85% in keyword rankings on SERP as compared to the previous year
  • 12 high-priority keywords in the Top 3 ranks and 24 keywords in the Top 10 ranks in SERP
  • During the campaign period, 100% of website traffic was derived from Non- branded keywords, which made sure BPC emerged as a clear winner among the competitors
  • BPCBT had a visibility of 4.81% from their competitors

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