Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution, also known as marketing revenue attribution, enables businesses to determine which activities are contributing to their profitability and in what ways. At Home of Performance, we collect and analyze information on your consumer engagement to thoroughly assess where your brand meets its goals and where your message may not be hitting the mark, helping your business increase profitability. 

We help you choose the right attribution model based on your business and who your target audience is.

We map out your buyer’s journey and generate a report that enables you to create touchpoints to connect the right information to their needs.

We utilize advanced statistical models to optimize budget allocations across channels and measure the true impact of each channel or campaign.

Understand your financial performance and adjust business strategies based on the profitability of an expenditure .

We help you target the functionality that consumers want by making updates to your product.

We help you improve your users’ engagement with your brand through personalized content.

Choosing A Marketing Attribution Model

The marketing attribution model is a set of rules that allows you to explore which channels and media are driving the most traffic to your website to make a purchase. We assess how much credit should be given to distinct touchpoints and buying cycles for each conversion. Results of the model might often be influenced by the models you use, and our team helps you choose the best channel for your success.

Automated Reports

Our team implements the right marketing automation solutions and provides customized implementation and strategic support. In our automated reports, we map out your buyer’s journey and provide you with touchpoints for connecting the right information to their needs. This data involves everything from when an individual enters the website and until they make a purchase. 

Optimised Marketing Spend

An optimization strategy for marketing spend involves identifying the platforms, touchpoints, and strategies that deliver the most value to your brand. We are then able to channel your media budgets toward these high-value campaigns, enabling you to market more efficiently and cost-effectively, thus generating more leads at a lower cost. 

Increased ROI

Our team sets clear goals for your marketing campaigns so that you can align your efforts to reach them. Effective marketing attribution allows us to target the appropriate client at the right time with the right message, resulting in more conversions and a higher return on investment.

Improved Product Development

We help you identify all stakeholders and analyse their needs individually, therefore being able to provide them with what they want to see. These insights can then be used to enhance sales by producing product upgrades that target the features that customers demand. 

Improved Personalization

Online experiences are one of the primary ways brands communicate and interact with their customers, so personalisation is essential for your business’ success. Using user-generated content strategies, we encourage the client to continue purchasing from your business based on the phase of the buyer’s journey they are in.

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What is Marketing Attribution?

Marketing attribution is the process of identifying and assigning credit for the success of a marketing campaign to the various touchpoints, channels, and tactics that contributed to it. This is important because it helps marketers understand which marketing efforts are most effective, and how they can optimize their campaigns to achieve better results.

What are the different methods of Marketing Attribution?

There are several different methods of marketing attribution, including – 


First-click attribution          : This method gives credit to the first touchpoint that a customer interacts with before making a purchase.


Last-click attribution           : This method gives credit to the last touchpoint that a customer interacts with before making a purchase.


Linear attribution                 : This method gives equal credit to each touchpoint that a customer interacts with before making a purchase.


Time-decay attribution       : This method gives more credit to touchpoints that occur closer in time to the purchase.


Position-based attribution: This method gives a set percentage of credit to the first and last touchpoints, with the remaining credit distributed evenly among the other touchpoints.



By using marketing attribution, marketers can identify which marketing efforts are most effective and allocate their resources accordingly.

Let us help you create profitable business campaigns with smarter decision making.

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