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MENA 2020 Search Award Winner.

UAE [09/12/2020]:  The Annual MENA Search Awards returned last night, and we are delighted to announce that we won an award within the “Best use of Search- B2C” category. We were awarded for our work “HTMi” a premium hotel management institute in Dubai, offering courses related to hotel and hospitality management. For a new agency […]

Disavowing Links: The Do’s and Dont’s.

There is no denying that Link building plays a big part in your SEO strategy. But the fact is that not every website that links back to your site is not worth it. It can affect your overall rankings, domain authority and performance when there are too many low-quality links associated with your website. The […]

MENA 2020 Search Awards Nominations.

UAE [29/10/2020]: Home of Performance (HOP), proudly announce that we have been nominated for FIVE categories, at the  “MENA 2020 Search Awards” Here are the nominations: BEST USE OF SEARCH – B2C BEST LOCAL CAMPAIGN BEST INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN BEST SEO CAMPAIGN BEST PERFORMANCE CAMPAIGN To all our partners; Thank you for being a part of […]


The power of social media; what is it?  Remember when it was all about uploading quirky pictures and tagging memes? No more, friends. There is a whole sphere people know nothing about- the sphere where marketers design and promote businesses on social media platforms.  Over the years, brands have taken notice of the growing popularity […]

The 9 Most Important SEO Ranking factors

In this digital age, how do you think your prospects will find you: they go and search online. Say, for example, if they want to find an agency providing Local SEO services, they go online search for best “Arabic SEO services”. If you are spotted on the first page of Google, there is a higher […]

Home of Performance Becomes Certified Criteo Partner Agency In UAE

UAE, September 23, 2020: Home of performance (HOP), a Dubai based performance marketing agency, has officially launched its new agency partnership program with Criteo recognizing HOP as one of the leading digital marketing and consulting agency in the Middle East. About Home of Performance Home of Performance is a full-scale boutique digital marketing consultancy that […]

An On-Page SEO Checklist – 15 Things You Should Know

According to Search Engine Journal, in this year of uncertainty SEO became the top priority as a marketing channel for brands and business. Studies and research shows that almost 70- 80% of the users  are focused on organic search results and they tend to convert into quality leads when compared to the paid ads.  So, […]

Conversational Marketing: Prioritize and why does it matter?

Today, when the world is going digital everyone has information at their fingertips. According to research, 82% of consumers look for an immediate response from brands. With so many options available it is a real challenge for brands to retain and attract the audience using the traditional methods.  There are a lot of distractions all […]

Home of Performance (HOP) Becomes Adjust Certified Solutions Partner

UAE, July 01, 2020: Dubai-based digital marketing agency, Home of Performance becomes Adjust Certified Solutions Partner in less than a year after the company’s inception in September 2019.  Home of Performance operates as a full-service provider at boutique level, consisting of a small, lean and experienced team of digital experts that rapidly engage with clients […]

Topical vs Evergreen Content: The Art Of Balancing In SEO.

When it comes to getting your site to dominate the search engine ranking there is a specific type of content that you must focus on.  Don’t get me mistaken, I am not talking about the content mediums but how about we categorize the content. There are primarily two types of content  Topical  Evergreen Both these […]

4 Tips on how to maximize sales during Corona

Most of us have been impacted by the current situation in one way or another. For service providers, most probably you have seen retainers being cut and planned projects pushed to the future.  For any operation that offers B2B services, this is the harsh reality of any time. It can happen during a “non-corona year” […]

Google May 2020 Core Update.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Google made its second major update of 2020. The update was confirmed on 4 May by @searchliason  and named the “May 2020 Core Update.” The update will go on for 2 weeks from its initial date of release The rollout takes one to two weeks, according to Google, […]

Local SEO: How to Optimize Your Website For Local SEO.

What is Local SEO? Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization), also referred to as local search engine marketing, is an immensely successful way to advertise your company online, because it lets companies sell their goods and services to local consumers at the exact time they search for them online. This is done by a number […]

Is Investing In SEO Still Worth In 2020.

How many occasions have you googled yourself or your company and found it incredibly difficult to locate the Google search results on your website? You might also be looking for a very specific product or service that you are selling only to find your site hidden pages deep inside the search results of Google. The […]

Keyword Cannibalization And Its Impact On SEO.

What Is Keyword Cannibalization? Keyword Cannibalization happens when a website has more than one page based on the very same keyword. When this happens, Google will be forced to decide which page is actually the most important to a search query. It’ll pick one of them to show up in the tests, and maybe it’s […]

Home of Performance Becomes a Certified Google Partner Agency In UAE

Home of Performance Becomes Certified Google Partner Agency In UAE UAE, April, 13, 2020: Home of performance (HOP), a Dubai based performance marketing agency, has officially launched its new agency partnership program with Google earning its initial Google Partner Certification recognizing HOP as one of the leading digital marketing and consulting agencies in the Middle […]

6 Best Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Mobile App Marketing.

Mobile has drawn a significant transformation in the way companies are working today, and is promoting itself among its targeted customers. Mobile app marketing is now driving complex business models on a wide scale to take the best out of their business. The biggest advantage of having a mobile app is that it enables quick […]

5 Best Tech Stack for Remote work.

First, we need to say that if you are reading this post, you are probably one of the lucky in the world right now that actually can do remote work. Even though it’s a challenge, we need to acknowledge that we are extremely lucky to be able to work remotely at this point. I know […]

Content Intelligence: Discover Insights That Matter.

In the coming years where we expect a lot of technological developments in the field of Internet of things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation. Content Intelligence is a new approach that has emerged with the help of these technological developments that enables content marketers to come up with better strategies based […]

ChatBots and Their Influence In Marketing

You land with a welcome message popping up in the corner on a web site. You browse content for more than a few seconds without stopping anywhere and again a pop-up message shows us asking you for some support or information you’re looking for in particular. This is how unseen messages continue to speak to […]

5 Effective Ways to Improve your Content Marketing Strategy.

In the vastness of the digital world, content and its marketing have a big impact when it comes to placing your brand by providing your target audience with answers to specific questions. This approach focuses on creating and distributing valuable, consistent and relevant content with the objectives of;  Finding New Audiences Convincing them with the […]

Home of Performance Becomes PipeDrive Premium Agency Partner IN UAE.

UAE, February 18, 2020: Home of performance, a Dubai based performance marketing agency, is proud to announce that we have joined hands with Pipedrive as one of the premium agency partners in the Middle east. About Home of Performance Home of Performance is a full-scale boutique digital marketing consultancy that is guided by the realistic […]

5 Benefits of Growth-Driven Design.

What is Growth-Driven Design? Popularly known as a sprinting cycle of design, research and development, Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is the new and improved way of ensuring your website portrays best marketing performances for prospective buyers who are frequent visitors.  Why Should You Implement Growth-Driven Design?  GDD is broken down into 3 pillars: Strategy, LaunchPad and […]

Top 5 SEO Trends In 2020 To Implement.

As the online marketing trends go up and websites being an asset of the company, and google having core updates that prioritize companies and services on improving the relevance of the content that is put towards to consume. It is important that companies and businesses must have an SEO strategy on how they can create […]

SEO: The Importance Of Voice Search Optimization In 2020.

Whether it is Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby or Siri on your iPhone, voice search revolution is causing a ripple effect in finding information and has turned into everyone’s digital go-to apparatus today giving users the absolute freedom to look up the internet without having to type out long texts and scroll through suggested data.   What […]

Google Discovery Ads : All You Need To Know About.

Google Discovery Ads Google mainly for advertisers it is generally used as a search intent advertising platform. But still, there are exceptions in every case. Not everyone wanders around google to make purchases. There are times when we casually browse through youtube videos and scroll through the Gmail to see if something very interesting is […]

Why Growth is all about a positive attitude

HOP as an agency survived our first months and can now look back at 2019 as the year we jumped ship and tried to survive on our own. With aggressive targets set for 2020, I feel extremely positive about how things are gonna pan out for the team. Growing a business is based on a […]


If by any case you are in a serious thought process of starting an e-commerce store or upgrading your existing store. The options are so many that it becomes difficult to choose one from many of the platforms that are perfect for starting an e-commerce platform. Here at HOP, as we have been working with […]

How Important Is Delight Stage In Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is described as the data-driven marketing approach that attracts, connects and converts people to your brand. The strategy is multi-channel, it describes where customers are, and how the main driver of quality content needs to communicate with you. It enables you, through various channels including blogs, email markets and social media, to bring […]

How To Have An Effective Inbound Email Marketing Strategy.

It is always important that the email’s that we push to our prospects do not fall in the junk mail folder. Rather than just going on with the email blast with a vague hope of generating leads, it is always important to have a strategic approach with your email marketing. When implementing email marketing to your […]

How TIK TOK ADS Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business!

In the past month of November 2019, Tik Tok has surpassed all the major social media apps to become the most downloadable app of 2019. According to latest reports Tik Tok officially now has almost 1 billion users worldwide. With the increasing popularity of Tik Tok, it is obvious that the marketers and social media […]

How social media supports the Inbound Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is all about having a strong online presence and increasing traffic. However, it is important to keep your prospects engaged with your product or service when they land on your website.  Inbound Marketing has turned out to be the most effective way to do so. Inbound marketing focusses on valuable content creation that […]

Content Mapping through Different stages Of Buyer’s Journey.

Creating and Promoting content that attracts, converts, closes and delights your prospects or buyer personas forms the core of the Inbound marketing methodology. So what it does says is content plays an important role in formulating an effective inbound marketing methodology. The content should be streamlined and mapped along with the stages of the marketing […]

Copy vs Content – The Writing Explained.

Writing is, of course, a blend of creativity with facts. In the digital world where content plays a major role, writing requires a lot of effort to be put on. In the world of digital media there is always a question asked by many about the differences between the two Content vs Copy; are they […]

How to start and scale your agency – Lessons learned

Sometimes after starting and growing a digital agency, it is indeed an awesome experience to call yourself as an entrepreneur but ain’t easy the same as it sounds. So at this moment, I thought  I would shed some light on my lessons learned so far in this exciting journey. In no way do I feel […]

5 Ways SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Will Help You Get More Business

To know that social media is really popular among consumers, you must not be a dedicated reader of technical blogs or an expert in online marketing. No one is an alien to the social media in this digital world. The increasing number of users in each media proves the popularity of social media channels in […]

The 5 Benefits Of Remarketing

The 5 Benefits Of Remarketing The feeling is all you had, you know that one. You have visited a website, and all of a sudden it seems as if it takes you from Google to Twitter, news to YouTube. Wherever you are, these advertisements are there! Remind you of what you looked at and try […]


Home of performance, a dubai based performance marketing agency,is proud to announce that it has joined hands with hubspot as a certified agency partner in the Middle east. About Home of Performance Home of Performance is a full-scale boutique digital marketing consultancy that is guided by the true ‘Digital Partner’ approach for our clients and strives to […]


The world is moving at the speed of light. We now have flying cars, AI technology, sustainable energy etc. We even managed to find water on Mars! All of this was not possible for our ancestors, but thanks to technology and advanced learning, it is for us. In case you haven’t noticed, the entire world […]


Facebook ads have become a top priority for brands as an advertising platform. This social media platform has opened the doors for top brands to build a strong database for their business in the long run. “Leads” being one of the essential data that leads to successful sales, lead generation has become one of the main […]


Social media has brought a revolutionary change in the business landscape. The audience is so actively engaged in talking about the brands they are interested in. To create a strong platform in this business environment you have to engage with your audience. This is where Social Media Listening plays a major role in Social Media […]


Social Media has become a major platform for brands for promoting their products or contents. Hashtags have made a serious impact on brand promotions to make the brand discoverable when used correctly and uniquely. Over time the same has become an essential way to keep your audience engaged and create a social impact for your […]


With the global increase in the billions of mobile users and the world is moving into fingertips, business and organizations are expanding their market into the era of smartphones targeting their users. With the huge popularity and increasing affinity towards the smartphone era, mobile apps have become one of the prime factors that contribute towards […]


Featured snippets can be an integral part of promoting your website. Better visibility for your website apart from the organic web traffic in the search engine. Your website needs to be very orderly organised with certain steps and parameters to make it into the featured snippet. Google itself has its certain guidelines for optimising your […]


Backlinks can be one of the key factors that influence your ranking in the google search engines and drive free and quality traffic to your website. It is important to generate quality backlinks to have its effect on a successful SEO strategy. Backlinks can add better credibility and more trust among your audience. The more […]


Landing pages have become a great tool for marketers, business and organizations to implement their digital marketing strategies. Creating a highly attractive landing page that converts requires a bit of creativity and thinking from the viewpoint of the targeted audience. What is a Landing Page The landing page is certainly not a website. According to […]


Artificial Intelligence is all set to invade the basic reality of industries— it’s inside and out us, in our pockets, and part of our day by day schedules. Artificial intelligence has immersed itself into our reality to the point where a considerable lot of us feel as if we can’t survive without it. We still […]


Trouble generating quality Linkedin leads for your business. Searching for new ways to expand your business through the most powerful professional social media platform. Linkedin is a powerful social media platform helps you generate high quality leads for your business. Here are a few tips to generate high-quality leads from LinkedIn for your business. Optimize […]


I want to share some experience in a how to build a perfect lead generation campaign in a few simple steps to build a leads machine that can generate a couple of qualified leads online every day. This does not need to be either expensive or complex and I will try to explain it in […]


Keyword research is the process of discovering and breaking down the correct set of keywords that users tend to search for a particular set of term or matching phrases. Proper keyword research enables you to design and implement your paid and organic marketing strategy. Keyword research forms an integral part of developing a successful online […]


HubSpot is an extensive inbound marketing and automation platform that enables organizations to execute, oversee and measure all their inbound marketing methodology. Quite regularly, content advertisers, strategists or entrepreneurs do their examination and recognize what they have to accomplish inbound showcasing success. A stage like HubSpot gives you a mechanized way to deal with overseeing troublesome […]