Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

Home of performance seeks to deal professionally, promptly and favorably with our clients. The Customers will accept the following terms and conditions when decided to work with Home of Performance.

Terms of the Contract 

  • The client’s and Home of Performance will sign up on a mutual contract agreement before starting to work together.  
  • All sides must decide upon a date of initiation of the facilities and rates must occur at that time.
  • Clients will be provided with a monthly performance report.
  • No party may, until a prior warning of at least 10 business days, cancel or transfer full service liabilities to another agency.
  • Home Of performance reserves the right to subscribe for some of the service tasks to a third-party service provider.

Privacy Rights 

  • The basic information that is provided by the clients by filling up the form in a website  like email, contact number is kept as confidential data and will not be provided to the third party without the consent.
  • Home of Performance will take the security measures to not leak or prevent the loss or misuse of any of your personal information provided.
  • We use encrypted SSL technologies to do some kind of money transaction, however, to ensure full protection against theft and fraud.
  • We use cookies to log web users’ browser information/preferences and can use cookies to collect statistical data on your browser habit to customize our site.
  • Any third-party marketers with their publishing ties on our website can also use Cookies to collect statistics. However, cookies do not give third party access to any of your personal data.


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