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The HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland (HTMi) is one of the premium institutes in Dubai, offering courses related to hotel and hospitality management. The institute is ranked as one of the top-rated institutions in Switzerland and also has a campus in Dubai. Known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, dedicated faculty and career opportunities HTMi consistently ranked among the top tiers of hotel and hospitality educational institutions.

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“We got great results from the start of partnering with HOP. When Covid-19 hit, we had to lay off the majority of our staff and our organization was on the verge of stopping all marketing activities. We had to generate a minimum of 10 student admissions for our Sept intake. HOP not only waivered their agency fee post-lockdown but managed our ads in an excellent way and met all set objectives.”

– Judit Toth

Business Director

HTMi Switzerland Dubai


Due to the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic on the education sector they were facing the prospect of closure and needed 10 enrollments in order to sustain the academic year.

The objective was –

  • to get 10 enrollments before the new academic year for the two professional degree courses they offer
  • to generate 300 – 350 leads for the campaign duration
  • to keep the lead cost under $13
  • to maintain brand awareness throughout the campaign period


After conducting an in-depth review, we studied the brand’s unique selling propositions (USPs), customers’ pain points and objections along with the competition and their digital strategies. We segmented the target audience to include students who were looking to study Hotel Management and Culinary Arts locally (for UAE students ) and internationally.

Here are some measures that we adopted –

  • To avoid thinning the budget since the locations outside UAE were vast, we clubbed all of them in one campaign and targeted exact match high-intent keywords with the main keyword – UAE/Dubai
  • Keeping in mind that the courses were expensive, we needed to reach high-intent students who are willing to spend for their degree
  • Focused efforts on Google Ads Search Campaigns since education is a highly researched sector
  • Planned to develop a feasible budget schedule and a matching campaign layout based on research and analysis of keyword trends


We exceeded set expectations and over-achieved every objective set at the start of the project.

Here is an overview –

  • Achieved the 10 enrollments they needed to keep their campus open before mid-August
  • Out of the 10 enrollments needed, 4 direct enrollments were due to this campaign. The total value of these enrollments was $53737.46 – offering an 1182% ROAS
  • Over the 75-day campaign period, 468 leads were delivered instead of the expected 300-350 leads
  • The average cost per lead was $9.60 instead of the expected $13
  • The campaigns saw an average conversion rate of 7.20%. with the highest conversion rate of 15.64%

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