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Syncrow is a smart home and business automation solutions provider. They deliver scalable, customizable, and affordable solutions for an upgraded lifestyle or industry experience. Their smart solutions portfolio includes products for lighting, safety, energy saving, entertainment, air conditioning, and heating.


“I can simply describe HOP as our success partner. We chose HOP to be our one-stop-shop marketing agency, they are managing all our marketing activities. They are providing a very professional service, presenting our brand to the market the way we dreamed about, and always exceeding our expectations. The team is extremely collaborative, reliable, and always on top of their responsibilities to fulfill their promises to HOP customers.”

– Mohammad Zakhour

Chief Operating Officer (CEO)



When they approached us, Syncrow was a new entrant into the market and required a full-proof strategy to establish their social media presence most effectively. They did not have any existing social media channels, so we selected the most relevant platforms and set up accounts for them from scratch, and created content strategies to accompany their market launch in the world of social media. Their main aim was to build brand cognizance and position themselves as the most preferred solution provider amongst the already established competition. Since they were just starting their social media journey, they want to keep the scale moderate, leaving lesser room for test and trial.

The objective was to-

  • Set up their social media accounts in line with their brand identity
  • Increase brand awarenes
  • Increase social engagement with the right target audience
  • Educate the audience about their product portfolio
  • Create content calendars aligned with the overall strategy
  • Be swift and informative with community management to handle responses
  • Generate organic sales enquiries through social channels
  • Impact increase in sales through brand affirmation


We conducted meetings with the Syncrow marketing team to better understand the brand’s unique selling propositions (USPs), customers’ pain points and objections, and the competition. We created several audience personas mapped to their various product sets. This was important to understand their target audience and consumer behavior in order to create customized content strategies. This way we were able to formulate the right messaging that would increase brand engagement and boost recall.

We implemented the following measures –

  • Created Reels and explored popular social media trends that aligned with the brand identity
  • Created content around introducing the products and highlighted their ‘ease of use’
  • Highlighted the product flexibility the brand offers to its customers and its after-sales service
  • Adhered to the brand’s tone of voice and worked on amplifying it through social media outreach
  • Created strategic hashtags that were a mix of popular (yet relevant) and branded hashtags in order to increase reach and audience engagement
  • Adopted a video-first content approach where we prioritized video content over static to enhance message clarity and engagement
  • Created informational content using brand experts and customers to amplify the brand affirmation
  • Created interactive stories on regular basis to educate and inform followers
  • Ran occasional contests to boost engagement and expand the follower base


In a short period of time, we were successful in creating a pool of compelling content that not only positioned the brand as a favorable choice amongst its competitors but also humanize its identity by connecting with the audience. This was due to a proactive content and community management approach that dealt with queries effectively and offered information on all aspects.

Here is an overview –

  • Quickly scaled up the number of followers across platforms despite being a fresh entrant
  • Increased engagement rate across Like, Comment, and Share metrics through effective CTA-driven content
  • Generated customer testimonials after receiving positive feedback through comments
  • Generated sales enquiries through social media channels which were then passed on to the team
  • Increased the Share of Volume (SOV) and positive sentiment by continuously tracking through social media listening and responding on time

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