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Tavola, a subsidiary of 4Homes is a leading kitchenware and tableware store that curates high-quality brands worldwide. Operating in six GCC countries (UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain), provides home chefs and professionals with everything they need to prepare, cook, and serve their dishes.

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“Working with HOP has been fruitful for our business. We are a data-driven company, and it was great to have a partner who understood that and delivered consistent results. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for tangibility in performance and collaboration.”

– Loai H.Taha

Director Of E-commerce



In spite of constant digital marketing efforts, they were struggling with improving their financial performance.

The objective was –

  • to achieve YoY growth in Revenue & Order by 37% compared to the previous year
  • to increase overall revenue while maintaining profitability
  • to compete with Amazon within the same category
  • to maintain a minimum of 5X profitability in the form of ROAS over all the geographies for the time period with an overall increase of 37%
  • to increase the revenue and orders by an additional 50% in months with higher sales
  • to increase the revenue and orders by 30% in the months with lesser sales


To increase revenue and orders through a more localized campaign structure per geo-location to correctly identify the factors that were diminishing the true scale of shopping ads, the spectrum of search, and the purchase cycle.

Here are some measures that we adopted –

  • Post an in-depth review, conducted a 150-person sample size consumer behavior study based on the brand’s USP’s and customized Google Shopping ads according to the findings
  • Created Brand-only, dedicated language, and match-type campaigns in order to gain control over ad serving based on user searches and improve potential customer targeting
  • Created multiple Shopping campaigns with different product categories and further diluted these campaigns with Product category prices for user convenience: <100 (AED) & >100 (AED)
  • Segregated Ad-groups into Brand types and further narrowed them down into different price buckets. Used Manual Bidding at brand-level in the Ad-groups with all the relevant ad extensions


We exceeded set expectations and over-achieved every objective set at the start of the project which scaled Tavola’s revenue and strengthened our partnership.

Here is an overview of what we achieved –

  • 62% increase in revenue and 46% increase in orders in Q3 of the present year as compared to the previous year
  • 53% Increase in revenue and 39% increase in orders while maintaining the ROAS of the present year as compared to the previous year
  • Overachieved the revenue and orders of the present year as compared to the previous year
  • The minimum ROAS of 5 was thoroughly maintained and the number increased from 9.17 to 9.31

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