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The Warehouse Gym

Pumping Iron & The Sales Funnel

Lead Generation

Warehouse Gym is a fitness chain in the UAE market, offering premium services. When Warehouse Gym, reached out to Home of Performance, they were struggling in building brand resonance and competing with their contemporaries like Fitness First. They needed to expand their client base and improve the retention of existing clients. They were also in the process of opening their first gym outlet in Abu Dhabi after successfully opening 8 locations across Dubai.

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“Working with HOP has been fruitful for our business. We are a data-driven company, and it was great to have a partner who understood that and delivered consistent results. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for tangibility in performance and collaboration.”

– Loai H.Taha

Director Of E-commerce



Although they ran campaigns before, they struggled with low-quality or irrelevant leads falling into the funnel. This resulted in the performance campaign budget not being utilized optimally and low-lead volume.

The objective was –

  • to decrease the Cost per Lead (CPL) from AED 100 to AED 50
  • to deliver an average of 250 leads per month over the campaign period
  • to ensure scale in lead volume while maintaining the quality of lead-to-sale journey
  • to target a high purchasing power audience as the services are positioned at a premium
  • to align the campaign all through its course to meet the approved budget


Warehouse Gym offers access to high-end workout spaces with exceptional amenities as well as smooth customer service. After studying the industry landscape, we knew that in order to get sales we would have to focus on individuals with high disposable income who are both interested in working out and prefer a luxurious ambiance.

Here are some measures that we adopted –

  • Created a cohesive audience mapping strategy where we targeted individuals with an interest in fitness and luxury and living in HNI neighborhoods near the 9 locations
  • Used Google Search Campaigns to target HNI locations on basis of high rent and high property value locations in the driving perimeter of the gym network
  • Used Performance Max Campaigns to scale the outside SERP results
  • Tested Performance Max Campaigns with multiple creative offerings to drive CTR
  • Restructured their paid search campaigns so that they had a more targeted campaign structure for each type of audience
  • Used localized campaigns to accelerate lead generation in selected neighborhoods with high-net-worth individuals
  • Created better quality landing pages, and query-based ads to attract prospecting leads
  • Used ad extensions to communicate Warehouse Gym’s USP’s & quick call to action
  • Ran A/B tests extensively and adjusting campaigns on an ongoing basis.
  • Created performance-driven creatives and ads to increase CTR.


We used geo-targeting to target consumers in the more affluent areas across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Based on past data, pin-level targeting was implemented for locations where the majority of the clientele were present, along with locations with high disposable income.

Here is an overview of what we achieved –

  • Generated more than 2,568 quality leads during the campaign period, which were higher than the all-time campaign data historically
  • Delivered an average of 377 leads per month. The monthly lead volume objective was to deliver an average of 250 leads
  • Maintained the CPL as per KPI while amassing the record high number of quality leads
  • Reduced the CPL to AED 35 from AED 100 over the campaign period
  • Achieved 65% plus closure rate for leads to opportunities

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