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Dubai Sanitizers

Dubai Sanitizers

Google Advertising

One of the biggest Cleaning and Sanitization companies in the GCC and Middle East markets. Objective was Increasing the number of leads, Increasing the quality and relativity to leads, Decreasing the cost per lead, Increasing the client’s visibility on Google. We started working with the client on late December 2019 and we are still working on its account till date 20 April, 2020. We have started a number of campaigns over more than 8 different services from the pool of services that client has.

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“HOP has a great team. We have been working with them since the time it was established. We have a great partner in HOP who has helped us achieve exponential scale in our business over time.”

– Riddhi Ojha

Chief Technology Officer



We have faced few challenges that we managed to come over such as:

  • The overall account rank was so low due to the low performance
  • The current campaign were generating an extreme high cost per lead
  • The tracking was not working properly, so we could not trust the data we had in the account
  • Ad used to get rejected due to the sensitivity of services
  • Client had a different background of Google Advertising that they were stick too
  • Services were standardized in a way that is not friendly with the standard google ad-words ad copies.


We managed to come over the above challenges through the following:

  • Fixing the tracking
  • Creating new fresh landing pages that were optimized towards the high and relative keywords
  • Restructuring the campaigns to be based on (Location, and services)
  • Restructuring the campaigns into groups that contains relative keywords
  • Creating high end relative ad copies that are optimized with the keywords used in the ad groups
  • Run the campaigns with the new structure and changes for 2 weeks, then keep on optimizing them towards better results based on the 2 weeks outcome.


The impact of what we did on the account was marvelous as following:

  • Increasing the number of leads for each service
  • Lifting up the overall account rank
  • Decreasing the cost per lead
  • Increasing the quality of leads
  • Increasing the impressions share.

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