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Gymnation : A fruitful Partnership

Gymnation is a new fitness chain in the region, offering affordable gym membership. They reached out to HOP since they were having a tough time competing with the dominant player, Fitness First. They were also behind all the many competitors in the fitness segment in organic searches.


Gymnation is a new fitness chain in the region, offering affordable gym membership. As a new brand to a highly competitive sector, it was struggling to compete with the dominant player, FitnessFirst.

The fierce battle for keywords led to a high cost-per-lead. Furthermore, in terms of organic ranking, Gymnation was way behind all the main competitors. 

Gymnation needed to:

  • Expand its membership and become the most affordable choice for offering premium facilities.
  • Open up five new branches (when we started there was only one)



Critical to achieving this, the search strategy had to:

    • Aggressively take market share across search platforms (Paid and Organic):
    • Take market share on the SERP from Fitness First.
    • Get the category 1 keywords to rank top 10
    • Get 800 leads per month within 3 months
    • Lower the cost-per-lead to $10 within 3 months 

Our Solution

Detailed Account Audit: we found that 80%+ of the users were mobile, but the landing page was built for desktop users.


Campaign Restructure with multiple campaigns geo-targeted per location and category.


  1. Restructured the campaign to mobile-first.
  2. Focused on keywords that drove quality leads.
  3. Developed 20+ AMP landing pages to leverage the high volume of mobile users. This increased the speed, quality score, and landing page experience.
  4. Started dynamic text replacements on the landing pages to increase the quality score and landing page relevancy.
  5. Pay-Per-Click campaigns balanced between the brand and local targeting.

Daily Optimization at the campaign, ad groups, and ad-level and changed from manual bidding to target cost-per-acquisition.


Fine-tuning of Campaigns: Conducted bid adjustments based on location along with A/B testing. This included the ad copies, landing page messages, and the creatives to determine the best user experience, conversion optimization around device type, keywords, and bid match adjustments.

Smart Retargeting focusing on pre-launch membership offers increased the conversions:

  1. December 2019: 150 Conversions.
  2. January 2020: 667 Conversions.
  3. February 2020: 766 Conversions.

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