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Kabrita Arabia is a subsidiary of Ausnutria, a 100-year-old dairy giant based in the Netherlands that serves the international market with high-quality infant formula products. Kabrita is a goat-milk-based infant formula that is aimed to offer a gentle transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.



“We started our online marketing journey in the Middle
East with HOP agency 2 years ago. They successfully
helped us build the online activation. We were very
pleased with the hands-on approach and high-quality
knowledge of performance-based marketing.”

 – Carolien Rijkse-Kamerling
Global Manager – Digital Marketing
(Parent Company – Kabrita Arabia)


When they approached us they were comparatively new to SEO and were facing many challenges including multiple untargeted AR & EN websites, unoptimized content, poor website structure, missing on-page elements, a competitive niche landscape, and audience targeting issues. The migration process was complex with many 404 pages, content problems, and thin content.


The objectives were to –

  • increase awareness about its goat-milk-based infant formula in a highly competitive market dominated by traditional cow-milk infant formulas
  • gain market visibility organically
  • achieve a 225% increase in organic web traffic
  • secure top positions for targeted keywords like

– للأطفال الماعز حلیب) Goat Milk for Kids)

– حلیب الماعز (Goat Milk)

– للاطفال ماعز حلیب افضل (Best Goat Milk for Kids)

  • establish authority and credibility
  • rank prominently for brand-related keywords


We examined the regional landscape and our target audience’s needs via keyword analysis, competitor assessment, and demographic profiling.


We implemented the following measures –

  • Enhancing User Experience: Improved website design and navigation for a seamless user experience.
  • On-Page Optimization for Google’s NLP Algorithm: Adapted on-page content for better communication with Google’s NLP algorithm to enhance visibility.
  • In-Depth Keyword Research: Conducted thorough research to find relevant primary and secondary industry keywords, aligning content with current search trends.
  • Comprehensive Topic Maps: Developed extensive topic maps to dominate relevant keywords and their semantic variations.
  • Informative Article Creation: Crafted valuable articles addressing user concerns and product benefits, enriched with audience queries.
  • URL Hierarchy Optimization: Improved URL structure for clearer navigation.
  • Strategic Internal Linking: Implemented internal linking for better SEO distribution among key pages.
  • Integrated SEO Approach: Our SEO strategy seamlessly integrated with social media efforts, boosting engagement and online presence


We achieved remarkable results, significantly increasing website traffic and

establishing our client’s authority in the market category. Kabrita Arabia now dominates the organic traffic Competitive Positioning Map, outperforming competitors.


Here is an overview –

  • Realized a remarkable 226.45% increase in total users, a 240.13% surge in new users, and an impressive 223.15% rise in sessions, demonstrating outstanding performance in boosting website traffic and user engagement
  • Ranking for keywords like “كابریتا “ (Kabrita) increased from 390 to 880, and “كابریتا حلیب “ (Kabrita Milk) from 880 to 3600, affirming effective SEO strategies and ability to deliver meaningful results
  • Maintained a steady upward trajectory in clicks and impressions, reflecting
  • sustained efforts to enhance online visibility
  • Secured “Good” ratings for Core Web Vitals and HTTPS on Google Search Console, providing a seamless and secure browsing experience
  • Ensured every URL falls into the “Usable” category for mobile usability, with a perfect 0 instances in the “Not Usable” category, emphasizing mobile-friendliness
  • Remarkably elevated rankings for business-specific keywords, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of keywords securing top 10 positions 
  • Increased searches for brand terms positively impacted social media metrics, leading to higher clicks and impressions and expanding online visibility for increased reach and interaction

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