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HTMi: This is the story of working together to survive the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

HTMi (Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland) is a renowned hospitality institute offering courses in hotel and hospitality management. However, due to the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic on the education sector they were facing the prospect of closure.


After the initial briefing with the client, it was clear that they needed our help getting 10 enrollments before the new academic year (by August 15, 2020) for two professional degree courses they offer.

  1. International Hotel & Tourism Management
  2. International Culinary Arts


  • 300 – 350 leads for the campaign duration
  • Lead cost to not exceed $13

Our Solution

As the target audience for both the courses was different, the campaigns were classified as follows:

  • Hotel Management In UAE.
  • Hotel Management Outside UAE.
  • Culinary Arts in UAE.
  • Culinary Arts outside UAE.


Since the locations outside UAE were vast, starting a separate campaign for them would mean spreading the budget too thin.

To avoid that, we decided to club all of them in one campaign and target exact match high intent keywords.

These keywords had the structure ‘course keyword in UAE/Dubai’.


The keywords were divided into each of the campaigns based on the keyword themes. We created a respective ad group for each theme with ad copies centered around the search terms. These ads led to the landing page which was dynamically changing based on the search keyword that triggered the ad.


Our campaign performed beyond expectations with quality leads. The figures speak for themselves!

  1. Over the 75-day campaign period, 468 leads delivered instead of the expected 300-350 leads.
  2. The average cost per lead was $9.60 instead of the expected $13.
  3. The campaigns saw an average conversion rate of 7.20%. with the highest conversion rate of 15.64%.
  4. The average click-through-rate (CTR) of the campaign was 13.04%.



The benchmark for the CTR on Google Search in the education sector is between 3.78 – 6.49% according to a variety of sources online. With an average CTR of 13.04%, the campaign outdid all industry benchmarks.

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