If by any case you are in a serious thought process of starting an e-commerce store or upgrading your existing store. The options are so many that it becomes difficult to choose one from many of the platforms that are perfect for starting an e-commerce platform. Here at HOP, as we have been working with different e-commerce platforms; Shopify is one of the most recommended e-commerce platforms from our side.

One of the primary features of Shopify is it offers multiple features to its users which makes it the most preferred platform for the e-commerce system. It also provides point-of-sale services and a portal for the platform. The turn-key solutions from Shopify have helped to improve business across the globe for thousands of startups and other eCommerce businesses.

Here are the 6 benefits of using Shopify as your e-commerce platform

1. Easy to Set Up and Use

Shopify is an easy way for businesses to launch an e-commerce store without any hassles of coding or any essential technical knowledge. The admin dashboard is well structured and organized. Extensive documentation and video tutorials can also be found on the Shopify website. All you need is to concentrate on selling your product.

2. No Essential Coding Skills Required

Good news for you! For launching an e-commerce store with Shopify, you don’t need any technical expertise; Shopify offers both functionalities and hosting on their own. Not only does this make it easier for your store to start running, but also is likely to be faster and safer than you could do on your own, plus it will easily accommodate any traffic spikes you may get. Shopify also takes care of all changes to the app. So you can focus on marketing all your efforts and not think about technical issues.

3. Highly Secure and Reliable

It is essential to manage very sensitive details and information from your customer’s database like their credit card or debit card details and other payment gateway methods. So it is important that your site needs to be fast and secure. One of the advantages of the hosted solutions is its efficiency and reliability it provides. Shopify will take care of all server maintenance and upgrades to ensure that your Shopify store and shopping cart are always available and the pages are loaded quickly.

4. Customizable 

Any online store’s visual appearance and layout are of considerable value to any business owner. The business will end up with abandoned shopping carts if a store is shabby and tired.

Startups seeking to build a Shopify application are free to choose from several ready-made templates and themes. If you need more themes after a while, you can still employ a freelance developer to customize it for less as Shopify will have equipped you with the resources you need and they won’t start from scratch.

5. Inbuild Support For SEO and Marketing Tools

Having a beautiful eCommerce platform is all well and good, but if no-one visits, in no time will you pull down the virtual shutters. Another major selling point for Shopify is its powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functionality that will help the website rank higher in search results so that customers can easily find you. To have detailed information on your customer’s traffic you also have access to advanced analytics in the Shopify.

The app store offers you access to a vast array of marketing tools including the incorporation of social media, product reviews, and email marketing. By default, Shopify allows you to generate discount codes. There are discount cards at the next level up. The symbols of social media are included in both themes. And if you’re a little distracted by marketing and the time it might take, Shopify Kit was designed to assist. This serves as a virtual employee and suggests and executes marketing tasks based on the performance of your goods, audience and shop.

6. App Store Integrations

As is popular in the tech space with the most successful products, Shopify has a wide group of experts and designers who have created applications that startups can add to their eCommerce solutions.

Even as Shopify App continues to add more appropriate features to improve user experience The App added value makes it more reliable and accommodating than other on-the-market eCommerce solutions.

To Conclude

Shopify over the years has become the favourites for the e-commerce business because of the flexibility it offers to the merchants. In the beginning, Shopify was designed for helping small to medium size business but in the later stages, Shopify has emerged as one of the top choices for many big-scale e-commerce businesses.


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