HOP as an agency survived our first months and can now look back at 2019 as the year we jumped ship and tried to survive on our own. With aggressive targets set for 2020, I feel extremely positive about how things are gonna pan out for the team.

Growing a business is based on a number of factors – sometimes we are just lucky and get a break – but most of the times growth is based on one fundamental factor – Attitude. 

I strongly advocate that personas that have the right attitude have a much higher success rate when it comes to starting – scaling and sustaining a business. Why?

You need to be positive in the first place to even take the leap and start your business, you also need to have the right attitude towards work in order to cope up with the workload that is required to get things done.

All companies that want to grow, at some point in time will be required to add people to the organization. A persona with a positive mindset and attitude that believe in people’s ability to take lead on their own lives will also save tons of time. HR in my opinion usually complicates things and prolongs the process of onboarding people. Instead of testing and having 10 interviews. I believe the most important part of growth is to define the personality traits your organization is missing and try to hire people that have them. Usually, it’s the other way around. You look for people similar to yourself cause we all are a bit narcissistic and think that our persona is the best.

Getting things done will require a positive mindset – You all know the type of person that over and over again talks about how they would do things, how everyone except themselves gets it wrong, the strange thing though is that those people are rarely the people behind the biggest growth stories. They tend to fear loss more than they believe in success. “Fear of loss” is for sure something that can hold a company down, since you wait with the hire until you have the client, or you wait with the new office until the market is turning – IN my opinion completely wrong strategy.

You will get the clients you staff up for – Beeing aggressive against market conditions is the only way forward.

During downturns, most companies are saving, meaning there is tons of talent you can get at a reasonable cost – Also, being in an agency we are lucky to piggyback a ride on Google & Facebook – Honesty, anyone that thinks that these giants within the next couple of years will become redundant? Even if that would happen, as an agency we can just choose to jump on the next big thing.

The mindset will also define how you deal with struggles. For sure, we face them daily, campaigns we are running that is not going in the right direction, communication between teammates that is being misunderstood (working with people from multiple countries and cultures spread over different offices is a challenge:)) etc – How we face these struggles will determine how we handle them and turn them from something that reverts the growth and instead converts them to an accelerator.

Face the issues head-on – Build a culture where mistakes are accepted, as long as we are truthful, honest and we learn from them. Never accept anyone who believes they are better than the rest and ensure to put your staff first – You will see the magic happen when you have a generous, giving and positive mindset – This will rub off on the rest, and you will not have to ask anyone to work late again. All of this will tighten the feeling of accountability as everyone is responsible for their own work, and no one is afraid of doing wrong.

We will all make mistakes on a daily basis, the important is to keep the mindset positive and forward. It’s never about what has been done and what is behind us – The rule of the game is to keep thinking about what we will do next, how we will handle it and how we can transform the mistake into positive action.

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