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Autowerks is a Dubai-based professional auto detailing and repair shop. They are known in the market for their high-quality products and services catering to the luxury car segment.

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Autowerks had been running performance campaigns for lead generation but were struggling with low lead quality and were not able to get garner attention to their priority services.

The objective was –

  • to boost sales for the brand while driving high-quality leads as the basic service offering starts from AED 1500
  • to increase the overall Average Order Value (AOV) for the client
  • to target a high purchasing power audience as the services are positioned at a premium
  • to target a high purchasing power audience as the services are positioned at a premium


Our strategy was focused on ensuring that we procure scale in the number of leads while ensuring lead quality. With an extremely localized strategy focusing on geo-targeting and audience segmentation, we addressed individuals with high disposable income who were interested in supercar maintenance & customization services.

We implemented the following measures –

  • Used hyper-local targeting to refine and eliminate the low-end car queries and layered it with audience exclusion parameters
  • Targeted HNI neighbourhoods in Dubai to reach out to customers with a high disposable income. This was also corroborated by the historical campaign data and customer insights shared by the team at Autowerks
  • Targeted customers who were luxury car owners and not just had an interest in them
  • Strategically implemented keywords to ensure we did not advertise to people interested in low-ticket services
  • Optimized the landing page against each keyword with dynamic parameters passed through the URL to change the content on the landing pages accordingly. This led to a better synergy between the keyword-ad copy and landing page, improving the campaign’s deliverability on Google and dropping our cost per click (CPC)


Since the low-ticket leads were drastically reduced, and irrelevant traffic was eliminated, the budget was utilized for quality lead generation. This in turn increased the overall revenue resulting in a successful campaign.

Here is an overview –

  • Increased overall revenue and eliminated low-quality leads
  • Increased the Lead to Sale percentage by 75% as we moved to a hyper-local approach
  • Improved deliverability of campaigns and reduced CPC by creating better synergy between the keyword-ad copy and landing page
  • Drastically reduced the low-ticket leads and eliminated irrelevant traffic

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