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The Healthy Home is a tech-enabled health and wellness-based company offering more than 10 specialized deep cleaning and disinfection services in the UAE. Currently available in UAE, KSA, and Kuwait, the premier health & wellness service provider has a Google rating of 4.9*/5 and has helped +34,000 homes. The Healthy Home® is committed to achieving the ultimate goal of better living.

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“Fantastic team! We have used them for 3 of our companies and you can feel the results very quickly! Most importantly they have a great commercial mindset that further assists you in making the right business strategies. Keep it up, team!!”

– Hisham Jaber


Head of Strategy & Business Transformation

The Healthy Home


In spite of offering some of the best deep cleaning and sanitization services in the UAE, The Healthy Home® was unable to reach its target audience, who are high-net-worth individuals, and get quality leads in volume.

The objective was –

  • to lower the Cost Per Lead (CPL) with hyper-local marketing
  • to scale revenue by generating quality leads and converting them into customers
  • to lower the Cost Per Lead (CPL) from AED 29.9 to an average of AED 35 during the campaign course
  • to target high net worth individuals, who are best suited for the quality of service delivered


Before starting the project, we had in-depth discussions with The Healthy Home® sales team to gather insights into the customer feedback they received so we could gauge the major reasons that were causing the drop in high-quality leads.

Here are some measures that we adopted –

  • restructuring campaigns so that they had a more localized structure as per geo-location
  • using geo-targeting to target consumers in the more affluent areas across Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • implementing pin-level targeting for locations where the majority of the present clientele were present, along with locations with high disposable income
  • optimizing on-form leads as primary conversions while measuring Non-Primary Leads to drive machine learning for higher-quality leads
  • running A/B tests extensively and adjusting campaigns on an ongoing basis
  • optimizing the landing pages against each keyword with dynamic parameters passed through the URL to change the content on the landing pages accordingly


With strategic accuracy and regular optimization, we were able to bring down the average Cost per Lead. Optimizing landing pages led to a better synergy between the keyword-ad copy and landing page improving the deliverability of the campaign on Google as well as dropping our cost per click.

Here is an overview of what we achieved –

  • lowered the Cost Per Lead (CPL) to AED 26.3 although the set objective was AED 35
  • generated incremental revenue of 250% (measured along offline data from the client)
  • lowered the CPL below the set metric while collecting high-quality leads by tapping into the high-income audience segment

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