We’re thrilled to share our recent triumph at the MENA Search Awards 2023, where Home of Performance secured two prestigious awards, recognised as sought-after honours in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

We’re honoured to have received the “Best Performance Campaign” award for our project with Meydan Free Zone, titled “Delivering Performance & Trade Licenses.” In a category known for its competitiveness and challenging success metrics, this win speaks to our ability to navigate challenges and achieve outstanding outcomes through the meticulous incorporation of A/B testing, data analysis, and localisation. Our focus was not just on generating leads but also on demonstrating our expertise in converting them into valuable sales-qualified leads.

In the “Best Use of Search – B2B (PPC)” category, we are delighted that our strategic capabilities have been acknowledged. Our collaboration with Meydan Free Zone, titled “Unlocking Leads, Unleashing Growth,” emphasised a clear breakdown of business and campaign objectives. The landing page design and creative strategy were carefully crafted to address pain points and needs in the B2B context. This recognition is a click-worthy nod to our precision in detail and a commitment to PPC mastery.

Reflecting on these achievements, our Founder & MD, John Von Hofsten, expressed, “These victories are a testament to the hard work, dedication, and creativity of our team. We take pride in our impact on clients’ businesses and remain committed to delivering top-tier digital marketing services.”

Building upon our track record of success, having previously won in 2022 with Tavola and 2020 with HTMi and received multiple nominations in 2021, Home of Performance continues to demonstrate our commitment to driving results for clients through innovative strategies, data-driven approaches, and a deep understanding of the MENA market. These awards reaffirm our dedication to excellence and position us among the top performers in the region.

About MENA Search Awards

The MENA Search Awards celebrate the very best in PPC, SEO, and Content Marketing from across the Middle East and North Africa. The awards recognise and reward the outstanding achievements of marketing professionals and agencies in the search industry.