Home of Performance was officially recognised as a Certified Platinum Partner Agency by HubSpot, the world’s leading cloud-based software platform that supports marketing, sales and customer services activities for businesses. Being certified as a Platinum tier agency is a testament to the success HOP has had with the platform, yielding consistently positive results for a large number of clients managed monthly. 

About HubSpot

Founded on ‘inbound’, the notion that ‘people don’t want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople — they want to be helped’, HubSpot is a marketing and sales platform that integrates with businesses to streamline operations and increase revenue. Boasting a sophisticated CRM at its core, and the additional benefit of a suite of software for marketing, sales and customer success, HubSpot helps marketing, sales and services teams work together more efficiently. 

The Platinum Solutions Partner credentials demonstrate that HOP’s ability to market, sell, deliver, and grow is recognised by HubSpot. The status demonstrates excellence in executing the principles of Inbound Methodology since HubSpot partners are held to a strict set of standards. 

An agency must complete an eleven-part course covering HubSpot Methodologies, as well as regular training on new and updated technology within the HubSpot platform, to become a HubSpot Solutions Partner. There are four tiers to the HubSpot Solutions Partner program: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite. These tier rankings are based upon a few variables, including:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): This metric reveals how much business the agency has brought to HubSpot through clients who have HubSpot licenses. 
  • Client Retention: HubSpot agencies that retain their clients at a high rate have proven their value to businesses, and are rewarded in the ranking algorithm.
  • HubSpot Portal Engagement: Keeping track of how many users log into HubSpot regularly is one way of determining how worthwhile an investment HubSpot has been for a business. Each client portal connected to the partner contributes to this measurement.
  • Inbound Marketing Excellence: Successful campaigns are a clear indication of an agency that is a valuable HubSpot partner.

Working with a Platinum Partner Agency

Since the agency’s conception, HOP has worked closely with the leading marketing automation platform. John von Hofsten, the Managing Director shared, “To tier up to Platinum status with HubSpot is a great testament to the successful threeway partnership between HubSpot, HOP, and our clients. We have been given amazing support by the HubSpot team from the start, and I’m confident that we will keep supporting the UAE and the Middle East in managing and leveraging data in a better and smarter way.”

Being a Platinum partner means that HOP is consistently reaching the MRR required for this tier for sold and managed accounts as determined by HubSpot, therefore serving a large number of clients utilizing HubSpot’s inbound methodology.

Working with a Platinum Partner Agency such as HOP means that businesses receive:

  • Access to a team with expert knowledge of the latest HubSpot tools, developments, and methodologies
  • Services are offered by experts equipped with the technical and theoretical know-how to deliver outstanding results
  • A combination of digital marketing and HubSpot expertise, which allows for a comprehensive marketing solution that produces results
  • An outstanding HubSpot experience through ongoing support and always having an expert at hand

About Home of Performance

Home of Performance is a full-scale boutique digital marketing agency that is guided by the true ‘Digital Partner’ approach for its clients. Gaining traction as one of Dubai’s most advanced digital performance agencies, HOP is a data-driven, customer-focused and creatively-fueled team of passionate and highly qualified digital consultants to deliver high impact business growth in a short period.

The ambitious team is trained and HubSpot certified and continues to learn and stay ahead with the latest news and trends in order to help clients remain competitive. Offering their services for some of Dubai’s fastest-growing, most innovative and creative businesses, HOP challenges conventional strategies, placing outcomes, information and creativity at the core of their model while delivering knock-out performance through in-house experts.

As a HubSpot Platinum Certified Partner in Dubai, let us help you with every part of your HubSpot integration, marketing, sales, CRM & more.

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