Trouble generating quality Linkedin leads for your business. Searching for new ways to expand your business through the most powerful professional social media platform. Linkedin is a powerful social media platform helps you generate high quality leads for your business. Here are a few tips to generate high-quality leads from LinkedIn for your business.

Optimize your company page

Optimizing your company page in Linkedin is the first step of creating an effective lead generation process. For the people whom you are unknown to your page should give a reflection of your brand which is impressive when they land on your company or business page. While creating your company page always be cautious about adding relevant keywords which describes your business or products. Keep in mind that LinkedIn profiles are searchable and if you want your company page or business to appear in search results and generate leads make sure the company page is optimised with industry-relevant keywords.

Be Consistent With your Updates

The main benefit of social media as a marketing tool is that it allows the brands and business to reach their targeted audience in a timely way and has the potential to stay at their top of mind. In order to meet this through social media, you have to be consistent in your social media presence.

Be informative and keep educating your audience by pushing content that help them stay relevant to the industry. Be frequent and regular in your updates. Post at least once or twice a day to have a strong presence in the feed.

Using industry-relevant hashtags also makes your post appear in the news feed for the audience. Never make a mistake of infrequent publishing which can result in the loss of credibility and trust.

Have a Content Hub

If you ain’t have a blog or a content hub on your website, this is the worst mistake you will be doing. Every content you create is an asset to your website. Be regular in pushing content that educates and nurtures your audience. The more you push quality content to your audience the more are the chances they are generated to drive quality traffic to your website.

Never Ignore the platform LinkedIn when it comes to publishing articles. Share your blog and article links to your LinkedIn profile which redirects back to your website which drives in high-quality organic traffic.

Be a Part of Social Listening

Social listening is one area where every brand makes a mistake these days. Be an active part of the social listening process about your brand. Be aware of what’s happening to your brand in the world of social media. Connect with people who are actively engaged in your brand conversation.

Be an active listener for your brand in the social media platforms. Being a part of an active conversation with the brand helps you to gain new followers, Increase the brand exposure and elevate your brand reputation. Interact with the followers focussing on answering their related queries and relieving their concerns.

The more you hear the more you are increasing your brand reputation.

LinkedIn Sponsored  Inmail

LinkedIn Sponsored  Inmail is one of the most effective lead generation tools available in LinkedIn. It is the case that professionals are more likely to respond to Inmails than the normal email being delivered.

Have some research about your prospects that are going to be an asset for your organization and pitch them at the right time to convert them into qualified leads.

Using Sponsored Updates

Even though it cost you a lot of money, Sponsored contents and updates are the best way of closing down the leads.LinkedIn research shows that the interaction rate is high with companies that are having sponsored updates. The sponsored ads on LinkedIn help to increase your visibility to the users in LinkedIn who are not directly interacting with your page but can be of your targeted group of audience who might be interested in your business or service.

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