The 5 Benefits Of Remarketing

The feeling is all you had, you know that one. You have visited a website, and all of a sudden it seems as if it takes you from Google to Twitter, news to YouTube. Wherever you are, these advertisements are there! Remind you of what you looked at and try to convince you to buy the product or service. It is a remarketing, no it is not a mistake!

Remarketing is extremely simple, it can work on both Facebook and Google.  All you need is to put some simple code on your website, which will track who has been on your page (depending on who you want to target). Those users are all added to your remarketing list so that your ads can begin to appear on Google’s and on Facebook networks until your list exceeds 100 users. You can choose the duration of your stay on Google from 7 days to 500 days and on Facebook for 180 days!

1.Helps To Stay Connected With Your Audience

Remarketing ads allows you to keep in track with your audience, even though they don’t search you or your products directly on your page. This is very useful to boost brand awareness and to keep an eye on the individual when he actually buys-it’s probably yours.

2.Drive-in More conversions

It’s widely known that online marketing strategies that include remarketing have a higher conversion rate. It is mainly because you recommend the products and services to your customers that they remember you when it is time to buy it. Make sure not to push them but a gentle reminder, limiting the number of times your ad is noticeable every day.

3.Lower cost per conversions and higher ROI

Clicking on ads are shown to have less Cost Per Click than clicks from conventional search campaigns, and therefore costs per conversion. This will obviously depend on the competitiveness of your business, but usually, you can definitely expect a lower cost per conversion than the normal search campaigns. It is important to remember that some of your remarketing visitors will come from your search project, but generally, remarketing alone is not recommended unless you have a reasonable amount of traffic from other sources.

4.Specific Targeting Options

Remarketing can also help you target individual user groups by controlling your targeting options. This is especially useful if you are having a huge list of the remarketing audience but want to ensure that you reach the right people. Would you like to target people of a certain race, age group, parental status, location or only people who have not purchased a cart before or have left? No challenge, Remarketing helps you with this specific needs.

5.Specific and targeted Ad Copy

You can create very specific ad copy or photos to help drive you to your website for a purchase or to get in touch by targeting people you know had been on your website before. You can even create different ads based on the criteria of previous visits on the website from your target audience. Remarketing is also a powerful marketing strategy to influence and encourage the interested audience to be updated on a new deal, product or service that they might have been interested in.

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