I want to share some experience in a how to build a perfect lead generation campaign in a few simple steps to build a leads machine that can generate a couple of qualified leads online every day. This does not need to be either expensive or complex and I will try to explain it in a few steps. 

1 – Build your IPC (Ideal customer profile). Before starting to generate the data, you need to understand who the audience is that you want to target. Are you selling IT systems, you might want to target CTOs, and is it a very expensive system you are selling, you might want to focus on top tier companies? Also, you need to cater in where you are selling your services etc. Write this down on a piece of paper, and try to align with everyone in your company, maybe there is different stakeholders that needs to be reach out to.

2 – Build your data base. With data base I mean a pool of emails to the people that we defined in the first steps. We need their Name, Email, Designation and company name. That’s enough. Either you use the data that your company have built in the past, but if you are a startup you probably don’t have the luxury of this. I hear all the time that you should stay away from buying databases, but honestly, if you want to scale fast it’s a good option. And I have a lot of good experience with buying databases if its done in the right way.

You need to use a tool that validates the data, to ensure that you are not getting out dated emails etc. Try tools like Growbot, Prospect.IO, Aereloeads to mention a few. There are tons of different options, all of them with different benefits, you just need to choose the one that fits your requirements best.

3 – Build your sequence of emails. Once you have populated your IPC with validated data, you are ready to start shooting. The key in building a successful email campaign is the following:

– Be relevant (For the recipient)

– Be human (No one wants to reply to a computer)

– Add value

How to be relevant is all about creating different campaigns that is vertical based, which means that if you are sending emails to people in the HR function at Software companies, you should mention pain points or ask questions that is specific for them, This will make you relevant and human since it shows that you have put some research in to it.

To be Human is all about making sure that you use the email software’s capability to mentions the first name of the recipient, adding the company name in a way that make sense etc.

Make sure you use a email tool that allow you to personalize the content and to extract reports on the performance. Be aware to not send to many emails at once as it may hurt your domain name. Try to cap it at 50-100 per day and you should be fine. Also, the tool needs to be integrated with your email software (Gmail, Outlook etc.)

4 -Connect and integrate with your CRM. Most CRMs today have native integrations with the big email clients. If you have so – Great. This will make it much easier to keep tracks of the converted leads. You will connect your CRM with the Email software you are using to send the emails, and automatically create a customer card once they reply. This will remove all time from data entry and create a seamless experience for the person who is handling the leads. Good CRMs for this would be HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce etc.

To summarize, within 2 weeks you will be able to daily get good leads with this simple step. Now I understand that you need more explanation if it’s your first encounter with outreach campaigns. If you feel that you want to talk more on the point feel free to reach out and I can give you my take on it.

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