Social media platforms are increasingly becoming a popular way to establish brand presence and two-way communication with clients. This asks for an effective social media management strategy. Social media management refers to the management of content which any business posts on their social media channels – whether images, short videos, blogs; along with communication management with the audience. For example, responding to customers’ comments.

Almost all brands have some kind of social media presence as it is a cost-effective marketing tactic and yields lots of benefits. While social media apps are considered “for everyone,” luxury brands give the exact opposite impression; they are exclusive. However, if you are a luxury brand, you should consider a social media management plan. Read on to learn more about how luxury brands can benefit from effective social media management.  

  1. Visual impact 

If you are a luxury brand, you already understand the impact of unique designs. Imagine high-quality images of your products on your social media channels that potential customers can see. 

According to research, our brains process visual content faster than text. As a luxury brand, you can benefit from posting stunning visuals of your product range on Instagram. Today, users have so much content to scroll through, and they usually do not spend more than a few seconds per post. In simpler words, if you want people to shop from you, you have to show them what they should be purchasing. Below are some tips on how you can create a visual impact:

  • Create a theme

Many social media accounts, especially Instagram, maintain a particular theme that makes their content coherent and aesthetically pleasing. You can do a theme per collection for a luxury brand- design your feed with prominent colors in the collection. 

  •  Switch up the visuals

If someone keeps posting the same kind of content, would you not get bored after a while? The same goes for your audience.  Do not just stick to pictures; shoot video content (short, engaging videos immediately catch the users’ attention), use infographics to lend an air of credibility to your brand, conduct story polls, and more. 

  • Pinterest boards 

Pinterest has always been famous for creating mood boards and collecting artistic photos. As a luxury brand, if you want to use visuals to attract new clientele, Pinterest will go a long way. A good example would be Chanel. If you search Chanel on Pinterest, lots of aesthetic content shows the brand’s core. As of 2013, Chanel was the most pinned brand on the app. 

2. Increase in potential and future customers

While mass-produced brands target a younger age demographic, luxury brands are particular about their target audience. According to a study conducted in 2019, the millennial generation (between the ages of 23-36) form the largest audience for luxury goods. This is one reason why, as a luxury brand, you may be hesitant to join the wave of social media. However, different platforms on social media can help you target millennials specifically. 

In addition, although a specific social media platform’s user base may be younger than your target audience, you could consider it as a platform. Think about it: what if gen Z users see your products and add them to their brands-I-want-to-shop-from when I get to an older list? Through social media, you would be creating future customers for your brand. While it may not be fruitful immediately, it can go a long way in increasing your customer base and, in turn, your profitability. 

3. Community management

An essential part of social media management is community management. It refers to the creation and maintenance of two-way communication with your customers as well as your employees. Or simply, community management is what makes your brand seem human. For your luxury brand, having a social media presence where you can engage in a conversation with your customers yield lots of benefits:

  • You can receive valuable feedback from users in real-time.
  • You can learn what kind of content users engage with more and use that type of content for your luxury brand.
  • Establish your brand presence online- be known for your products as well as your outstanding customer service.

4. Platform-specific content

There are many social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter & TikTok being the most popular ones. Each forum has a different user demographic, and one-size-fits-all content does not work across all platforms. For your brand, the first step you need to take is to decide which platform(s) is most relevant for you to showcase your luxury goods and reach out to your audience.

Having a social media management strategy helps a great deal in finding out what type of content will be most successful on each platform. A diversified content range will strengthen your brand awareness amongst a more extensive audience, e.g., video content does well on Facebook, and image content is most popular on Instagram. 

To Conclude

Social media management has become an essential part of marketing that holds lots of advantages for a business, in this context, a luxury brand. These advantages include increased user engagement, efficient customer service, new customers, and eventually, increased profitability. 

It is crucial to analyze your brand and the social media platforms you want to use to connect with users. Having multiple social media pages but average content does not do anything for your brand. Instead, carefully select the platforms which align with your brand personality. When done correctly, social media management will prove to be a useful tool for your luxury brand. We at Home of Performance offer Social Media Management services to brands where we manage your social media presence as well as provide guidance. We ensure an increase in your business efficiency. 


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