Writing is, of course, a blend of creativity with facts. In the digital world where content plays a major role, writing requires a lot of effort to be put on. In the world of digital media there is always a question asked by many about the differences between the two Content vs Copy; are they the same? Well, they may be related in one way or the other but it is definitely not the same, but indeed it is close enough also.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting as said above is purely marketing-driven. It is the art of selling people on a concept, a company or a philosophy is the writing. The best copywriting blends goods and ideologies that result in the branding of the particular product. It is marketing by essence because it is intended to encourage consumers to use the products and/or services of a brand. The goal of a copy is to spread awareness and create a brand identity through attractive and effective copy. In this digital world, the effective copies can be implemented in marketing platforms like social media, landing pages but never ignore the impact of copywriting on traditional media like magazines, televisions and radio scripts. Copywriting can help your brand have a strong online presence.

What Is content writing?

Content Writing is the art of creating and writing content that is valuable for your target audience. It might vary with your target goals; the content might be educational, informative long piece of content. It can come in the format of long articles, blog posts, website SEO content to dominate the search engines with the right user intent keywords or a downloadable version of an ebook. But the content should make a purpose for your target audience whatever the format it comes in and should be of high quality. The content should be always personalized. It should have a clarity with a very simplified language. The writing should inform and educate your niche audience. For brands and business, the content should always align with their business and marketing goals. It should be well crafted and well-aligned with each stage of the marketing funnel.

The “D”s  between Content Vs Copy

1. The Ideal Length of the Writing

The key difference between content vs copy is the length of the word count of the writings. Copywriting should be short which should be aimed at selling, increasing brand awareness.

It should create an impact in a split of seconds. The decision making is so fast within the consumers whether to skip or to stay. The copy should tempt them to stay within what they read and create anticipation to know more. Simply put a Short and sharp creative copy that grabs attention and encourage them to take the desired call to action.

2. The Marketing Objective Behind the Writings

Writings should align with the primary objective. This is the second major difference in copy vs content writing. Copywriting aims at writing engaging copy to capture the audience attention. The writing mainly shifts and prioritize its focus on selling and showcasing the brand relevancy. The copy should be catchy enough to attract the audience and encourage them to take the desired call to action.

On the other side, Content writing is more focussed on building brand trust and interest by providing a long and informational piece of content that ultimately draws them to the bottom of the funnel as per the inbound marketing methodology. Both Copywriting and Content writing forms an integral part of the inbound marketing methodology.

Copywriting focusses on Short term Goals while content writing is more focussed on Long term Goals.

To Conclude

We talked about how content writing and copywriting the objectives of the same, how they differ in the style of writing, the type of content; but are they connected somehow? And yes as much as the differences between both they do share some similarities and are related to each other. Ultimately they do both have the same objective to drive the audience towards the bottom of the marketing funnel. Content should never ignore the copy and Vice Versa instead, they collectively aim towards achieving the marketing goal. When they are put together in the best possible way the outcome will always be impressive.

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