Keyword research is the process of discovering and breaking down the correct set of keywords that users tend to search for a particular set of term or matching phrases. Proper keyword research enables you to design and implement your paid and organic marketing strategy.

Keyword research forms an integral part of developing a successful online marketing campaign whether it is an Organic or any kind of paid search campaigns. Without a proper keyword research plan, you cannot land into any conclusion about the keywords you want to strategize the campaign for, the competition the particular keyword, and how easy are them to rank for.

The key factor of creating a successful keyword strategy is to select user intended long-tail keywords rather than choosing a specific generic keyword which is very difficult to rank for.

Here we list down the best 5 tools that assist in your keyword research process.


SEMrush should be one of the essential tools used for keyword research because of the versatile features it provides for detailed keyword analysis. SEMrush gives a comprehensive idea about both long and short-tail keywords along with the detailed data on keywords that will help you to strategize plans for the paid and organic traffic.

SEMrush provides detailed information about the number of searches a particular keyword is getting, the cost per click information for the paid advertising, and the competition level of the particular keyword. SEMrush also gives an idea of a list of keywords based on your search results. It also gives a detailed analysis of the keywords your competitors are ranking for.

SEMrush is a great tool to have particularly if you are doing keyword research analysis for paid campaigns and organic results to rank for.

2.Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the most widely used tool for performing keyword research. Integrated with the AdWords platform a keyword planner is a free tool for everyone to use without any hassles.

The primary benefit of the tool is you get information directly from Google which is the most sought out search engine primarily targeted by most marketers. So, the google keyword planner is normally used as a PPC research keyword tool.

Simply you enter your targeted Keyword in keyword planner and google will show results like Related Keywords, the competition level of the keyword, and the cost per click values for the keywords.


Probably the Neil Patel version of “Google keyword planner” or more than that. From that point, Neil Patel has taken over it, the tool had immense popularity among the marketers when added with tons of features making what used to be a complete tool for comprehensive keyword analysis.

The frontend of the dashboard indicates you the search volume, keyword difficulty level both paid and organic and CPC data.

The “keyword research tool”  in the dashboard gives you a genuine keyword recommendations on the keyword you have entered. It also provides comprehensive competitors lists who is targeting for those same set of keywords.

An astounding feature of Ubersuggest is that it gives you all the essential features that are needed for the comprehensive keyword research and analysis absolutely for free when compared with the other highly paid version tools.


Accuranker is a keyword rank following tool with a key differentiator: It’s exceptionally quick while being very exact. So in case you’re accustomed to going through long hour’s checking the ranking of your keywords, this will wind up sparing you a huge amount of time.

Different preferences of this tool? It has worked in intermediaries to get a quick look at whose positioning inside the SERPs for some random keyword.

And mostly, it has integrations accessible with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Social Monitoring Tools, and YouTube so you can watch out for insights and evaluate search traffic for your keywords directly from your AccuRanker dashboard.


Moz is the most powerful SEO tool that is available in the digital world. It is most primarily used for SEO keyword research. It is a super tool in analysing the competitiveness of the keyword. Simply enter the keyword you intent, the tool will list down the top rankings for that particular keyword and the competitors ranking for that particular keyword and the domains linking to that page.

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