Featured snippets can be an integral part of promoting your website. Better visibility for your website apart from the organic web traffic in the search engine. Your website needs to be very orderly organised with certain steps and parameters to make it into the featured snippet. Google itself has its certain guidelines for optimising your site for the featured snippet.

What is a Featured Snippet

Featured Snippets come up as a major aspect of the Google search results. A Google snippet appears in a case between the AdWords square and the start of the query items list. It completely depends on google’s algorithmic process depending on the user intent search from the user. The google snippet contains the information format as text, video or table depending on the search intended by the user. The outcome of your website for featuring in the google snippet is

  • Enhanced Visibility for your website
  • A very High Click-Through Rate
  • High Conversion Rate

Here are a Few tips to get easily featured in Google snippet

1.Research for the User Intended Queries from your Target Audience

User intended queries that get pointwise replies to have a higher chance of getting featured in the google snippet.

So on the off chance that you need to get Google highlighted snippets for your blog’s substance, make a point to discover a rundown of all the “fundamental inquiries” your audience may have in the niche.

Discover what they may type on Google to find solutions and optimization for the same will increase your chances of getting featured . The more you delve into the essentials of your field the better risks you need to get a piece box on list items.

2. Use a Marketing Power Word

Did you realize that you can build your odds of getting more engagement for your content is by utilizing the “marketing power words”? Yes, Undoubtedly Yes.

Marketing Power words (otherwise known as convincing words) help stands out as truly newsworthy all the more convincing and generates clicks). Here’s a rundown of probably the most marketing power words that you can use for your website to generate engagements and higher clicks. Words like “How”, “Best”,  always generate user interaction.

For Example: “How” to generate quality leads for your Real estate business

The “Best” Gyms in Dubai

3.Include Numbers in Your Headline

The Numbers are another strong component that gets your website featured in the google snippets. The use of numbers along with the marketing power words ensures that your website or the related content has a high chance of featuring in the google snippets.

For Example:  How to generate quality “2x” leads for your business

The best “5” gyms in Dubai

4.Optimize for the User intended Search

Regardless of what, header labels is a crucial part in improving your rankings. The primary factor here is to optimise your header with primary and secondary keywords in a way which is humanly appealing. Never do keyword stuffing. Use h1, h2, h3, and other heading labels in an intelligent manner (which is critical).

The primary keyword should be optimised in header 1 tag. The h2 tag is a subheading which ought to contain comparative keywords to your h1 tag. Your h3 is then a subheading for your h2, etc.

To conclude

Getting featured snippets for your website content is an achievable task. It doesn’t make a difference what your niche is, make sure you’re giving exceptionally useful and brief responses to the audience enquiries, the content is going to be featured in Google snippets.

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